Helping Students Get Reasonable

Everyone deserves to have equal access to education. However, individuals with learning disabilities might have a hard time exercising this right. This is because the accommodations they need in school are often difficult to obtain, discouraged, or downright denied. Even without any obstacles, the path to accommodations can be overwhelming without explicit knowledge of school bureaucracies.

Set for Success helps to address this inequality in two big ways. First, we provide assistance with 504 plans and IEP meetings in Fort Collins and neighboring communities. Second, we provide national support in getting accommodations on standardized testing, certificate or license testing, and in college classrooms. Our consulting team is knowledgeable about the laws, procedures, and paperwork concerning academic accommodations. When aspiring students with learning disabilities turn to us, we utilize our knowledge, skills, and experience to help them receive appropriate accommodations.


Why We Started

Our founder established the company in 2017 because he wanted to help individuals with learning disabilities become successful in their pursuit of education. Since our inception, we have been assisting these students in preparing their documents and in asserting their right to reasonable academic accommodations.

About Our Founder

Michael Powers is an attorney who earned his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Law, and he currently works as a consultant. His success in career and education, however, wouldn’t have been possible without assistance from someone who is knowledgeable about the proper way to acquire accommodations. This is because our founder also has learning disabilities, and he might not have had the chance to pursue his dream job without these academic accommodations.

Michael has personally experienced the challenges that other students face in attaining reasonable academic accommodations. Because he wants to help individuals with learning disabilities receive an equal opportunity in education, he assists them in applying for appropriate accommodations—just like how he received assistance back then.

What Sets Us Apart

Receiving an education should be a satisfying challenge, not daunting or impossible. Our team walks our clients though the process of identifying, requesting, and receiving appropriate accommodations. The process is highly individualized, and our focus is on building relationships. We combine client feedback with a broad spectrum of accommodation knowledge to create a plan that serves them best. Our founder has experienced the education system from the perspective of someone with learning disabilities, and we believe that gives us a unique understanding of the challenges students can face. We are ready to help students navigate resistance to their accommodation plans as needed. Additionally, as a third party advocate for students, we can assure that our recommendations for accommodations are unbiased and made with only student’s success in mind.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to be the key in helping you become Set For Success.

Helping Individuals Reach Their Educational Dreams

Our team takes pride in our ability to help our clients throughout their academic life. We measure success in not only accommodations received, but in the dreams that are achieved. Our services are lifelong--establishing a recognized accommodation plan now will lay the foundation for any academic endeavors in the future.

It’s okay to ask for help. We understand how hard it is to study and attend school. That’s why we want to lessen the burden on people with learning disabilities by helping them fight for their accommodations. To book an appointment, please contact us.



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